About Our Pharmacy

Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

Hudson Parkway Pharmacy has a mission to serve with passion and dedication by providing innovative pharmaceutical products and services.

We want to give our customers high in quality but amazingly low priced products. Maintaining good health doesn’t have to cost a lot when you shop at Hudson Parkway Pharmacy.

We will continue to be the leading source of safe and quality drugs, outstanding customer service, and comprehensive drug education to our customers. Visit our drugstore for a consultation with a pharmacist. We welcome your questions and concerns over the phone too. Call us at 718-549-8288.

Meet Our Staff

Sam, PharmD

Sandeep (Sam) is a Pharmacist with 18 years of retail experience.


Candy is a Pharmacy Clerk who has been serving the community for more than 20 years.


Dani is a supremely talented pharmacy technician with more than 15 years serving the community. She also specializes in managing OTC, home care and cosmetics.